We Specialise in Jaguar Land Rover

We have dealer level software to enable us to diagnose faults, code new modules and also to program the latest keys into Jaguar and Land rover vehicles

From 2010 onward Jaguar Land Rover implemented a smart key system on their vehicles. This is all controlled by a unit called a KVM (Keyless Vehicle Module)

From 2014 onwards, many were recalled for an update to this KVM due to security breaches in the software meaning criminals were stealing the vehicles easily.

This means programming a key into one of these vehicles after this year is not a job for inexperienced Autolocksmiths. 

We get many cars towed to us after a locksmith has played with one of these cars and ended up "bricking" the KVM, leaving the car undriveable.

We use the safest, latest, methods available to program new keys to these systems. We do them every week meaning we know them inside and out.

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rr key.jpg